Invisalign - Teeth Straightening Made Easy

If your orthodontist has recommended an orthodontic treatment for straightening your teeth, you may want to consider Invisalign®. These invisible braces eliminate many of the downsides experienced by wearing metal braces, and as the technology advances, they are becoming more and more affordable for the patient.

Some people cannot stand the concept of metal wires aligning their teeth. They would sooner not receive orthodontic braces than have to deal with the potential discomfort of traditional braces. For these individuals, we highly recommend Invisalign - an invisible and removable teeth straightening tray custom-made to fit your teeth and gum line. As the name implies, it provides 'invisible alignment.' You'll be receiving a fully beneficial orthodontic treatment, and people around you may not even be aware you are wearing braces at all.

We begin the process by taking 3-Dimensional digital scans of your teeth using the incredibly effective iTero scanning system. This provides us with instant feedback regarding what type of alignment trays you will need, allowing us to get you started on straightening your teeth a lot sooner.

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Putting on and removing Invisalign braces is simple, easy, and painless!

Traditional braces are one orthodontic tool that gets adjusted over time by tightening the wires. Invisalign's revolutionary approach is to align the teeth gradually over time by using replaceable trays. You'll receive a new tray every couple weeks or so to slowly and effectively guide your teeth into proper alignment. No uncomfortable tightening appointments necessary! Just swap out your old tray with the new one and experience the newest and greatest technology in teeth straightening.

iTero Digital Impressions


Healdsburg Orthodontics is the first orthodontic office in Sonoma County to utilize iTero’s 3D digital scanning to eliminate the need for conventional putty impressions of the teeth and jaws.

  • Advantages of iTero scanning vs. putty impressions:
  • Eliminates the gagging caused by goopy impression material
  • Superior accuracy leading to 7x fewer aligner fit issues
  • Never have to "retake" an impression due to distortion
  • Fewer chairside adjustments and shorter appointments
  • Quicker turnaround time for aligner fabrication and delivery

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Perhaps the biggest reason why our patients love their Invisalign treatment is that they aren't bound by the harsh food restrictions of traditional braces treatment. Because the Invisalign straightening trays are removable, the patient simply takes them off while they eat, and then puts them them on again after they brush and floss. Invisalign trays are very easy to clean.

Another primary concern for those who are looking to get teeth straightening is physical appearance. A smile filled with metal and wires may cause self-confidence issues for the wearer. In some cases, the wearer may inhibit their smiling for fear that people may take notice of the braces. These are not issues with Invisalign!

With traditional braces, brushing and flossing is more of a chore. The metal wires can get in the way of oral hygiene, which requires more effort to effectively clean your teeth on a daily basis. Invisalign does not get in the way of these tasks at all.

What Are the Potential Downsides of Invisalign?

Users may experience several discomforts in the area of the teeth pulling to align with a proper bite. This discomfort is also experienced with traditional braces. However, because Invisalign does not use metal wires, users experience less irritation with the surrounding gums, as there are no metal wires causing uncomfortable friction.

Invisalign may cost more than traditional braces, however that depends entirely on what specific treatment you need to straighten your teeth. In several cases, Invisalign was less expensive for the patient compared to traditional braces. The costs comparison will be addressed during your initial Invisalign consultation appointment.

Schedule an Invisalign Consultation

As the leading Invisalign provider in Healdsburg, we look forward to answering any questions you have about the process and costs involved. We may recommend scheduling an consultation to provide you with more specific information. You can contact us online; please include as much information as possible regarding what you're looking to achieve with Invisalign treatment. You may also call our office directly at (707) 433-4829.